Quilted Gym Bag - Ochre

$99.00 NZD

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Fabelab's Quilted Tote Bag is an oversize, allround Tote Bag made from 100% organic cotton. Use it as a bag for sleepovers, weekend getaways, shopping and all the other parent-kids activities that of course require a big and versatile bag.
Or, just get it to use for yourself - who says grown-ups can't have fun bags!

Fabelab's products are made for multipurpose and everyday use for every family. With a multi-functional purpose and high-quality materials, they ensure a long lifespan of the products. They always design our products based on sustainable materials and beliefs. Reusability and upcycling are core tenets of Fabelab's brand. The products they make are made from sustainable textiles from their supplier in India. Because being sustainable is something they truly strife for. As everyday goes by, they always think about what changes they can make, in the direction of becoming even more sustainable. For Fabelab, sustainable design is about using the right materials and ensuring a long lifespan of the products.

-50 x 39cm
-Outside pocket
-Inside zip pockets
-Removable strap
-100% Organic Cotton 
-Filling 100% Recycled Polyester