Small Backpack - Flower

$99.00 NZD

Fabelab's Backpack - Small - Flower is great for going on little trips and adventures. The backpack holds a front pocket with a zipper for smaller items and easily closes with a drawstring and front flap-over buckle closure. 

For comfort and functionality shoulder straps are padded and a cross chest buckle is added for a optimal fit. In addition reflex details are placed both in front and back to aid visibility in traffic. Inside the backpack are two seperate pockets handy for smaller items and a cool diamond shaped badge to write your name on so there are no bag mix-ups at the Kindergarten. 

The Backpack's outer and inner shell fabric is made from Recycled Post-Comsumer Polyester and this version comes in a bold and playful Flower print. As an extra feature we have added Fabelab’s mascot, a Bob the Bear keychain to the backpack for a cute and playful twist. Kids may use this seperate for safekeeping bike or scooter keys.

Recycled Post-Consumer Polyester is used plastic bottles that are cleaned, shredded, and spun into a thread to reuse for production.
To make the Backpack - Large there have been used 37 pieces of Coca Cola bottles.

- 32x26x9cm
- Large inner pocket
- Side pockets
- Front zip pocket
- Keychain
- Outer fabric: 100.0% Recycled Post-Consumer Polyester
- Inner fabric: 100.0% Recycled Post-Consumer Polyester
- Webbing/rope/zip: 100% polyester
- Plastic buckle: 100% POM
- Keychain: 100% Silicone