Soho Candle - Love
Soho Candle - Love
Soho Candle - Love

Soho Candle - Love


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Love | Fruity fusion combining Goji berries, blackcurrants & grapes off-set with a zesty orange tang

The Soho concrete candle collection is FUME's signature range of candles. Each concrete vessel is made by hand, sanded and sealed for enduring protection.  A coconut and soy blended wax is poured into each vessel and is powered by a laminated wooden wick to compliment the concrete aesthetic, while optimising the scent throw when burning. 

To further enhance the natural elements of the Soho candle we have made a subtle change and removed the label from the concrete vessel. The purpose of this is to naturalise the concrete free from branding so you can enjoy the naked and raw elements the concrete offers.  We hope you like the change.  

- Size: 300g / 8.5cm h x 10cm w

- Burn time: Approx 40 + hours

- Total Weight: 750g

- Made in New Zealand

- Comes with caring for your candle instructions and in a gift box.