Kids Activity Book - Super Powers

$37.90 NZD

What if we told you that superpowers are real? And that some wonderful day, you're going to discover what yours are?

Now what if we told you today was that day? It's true! And this book is where it all begins. 

Ever wished you had superpowers? This book, packed full of fun activities, prompts and quirky questions, as well as little reminders of just how super we all are, shows you that you DO have super strengths - and prompts where you can write in all the things that make you feel super. 

Design your own superhero identity, or reflect on all the heroes in your life - this book has it all. Great for kids and young people who love superheroes, or need a little reminder that we all have things that make us special! 

- Hardback 
- Writing space for prompts and questions 
- Written by M.H Clark
- Illustrated by Michael Byers 
- 27 x 22.5cm