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Talk To Your Dog

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Learn everything you need to communicate with your furry friend!
Why do dogs behave the way they do?
What makes different breeds so different?
And how can owners work around these inborn personality traits?

Talk to Your Dog will teach you everything you need to build an even stronger relationship with your furry companion. Find out where, when, and why they want to be stroked, and how to give them a soothing reiki massage.
Heart-warming, enlightening, and absolutely true stories reveal how dogs use their unique powers to help humans, including warning them of danger, going to their rescue, and playing a role in healing them.
Uncover dogs' 'secret agenda' and what they would do if left to their own devices.
Whether your pet is a lovable mutt or an aristocratic Borzoi, it's worth taking the time to get to know these magical creatures.

- 144 pages
- Hard cover
- 18 cm x 21.5 cm