We're Friends For Keeps

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Ah, friends. They shape us. They frustrate us, amuse us, and have our backs through the toughest of times. We lean on them and let them lean on us. 

This book - beautifully illustrated by artist Claudia Guariglia and written by Danielle Leduc McQueen - tells the story of those friends that are in it for the long haul. That friend you've had for years through thick and thin, that makes even the most boring days feel like two-person parties, the friends you grow into your best self with.

This book is a beautiful gift for any friend or partner, be it birthday or Valentine's or just because you care.  

- A spirited way to show appreciation for a treasured friendship. Vibrant illustrations of heartfelt moments make the book fun and easy to give
- A thoughtful gift for a birthday, valentine’s Day, or just because
- 48 pages
- 15.5 x 21cm
- Hardcover