Got the winter blues? Read this and treat yo'self!

Need some help getting some ZzZz's at the moment? Me too! I think it's the cold, and the fact that I just can't stop watching Breaking Bad - yes, I know, I'm a bit late to the party! 

So if you need to relax and unwind at the end of the week, no fear - Madame Fancy Pants is here, and we've just got some delicious-smelling goodies and beautiful trinkets in store to cure your winter blues. 

I've never been a good sleeper (just ask my mum about my younger years!), but I'm loving King King's gorgeous sleep masks, they send me straight to the land of ZzZz's every night. 

They're hand made by Kelly Spencer - the very talented lass who illustrated our cuckoo clock logo. She uses recycled fabric where possible, lines them with sustainable bamboo batting and a light-dampening fleece fabric, and finishes them off with a silk backing. Pure luxurious bliss! 

I've got the swimming Mermaids mask, but if floral patterns are more your thing, she does those too! Check them out here

Aromatherapy seems to do the trick too - and our gorgeous new candles from Fringe Studios are perfect for creating a great relaxing vibe at home. Try their Peony, Rose & Vanilla candle, a great floral scent, or their Oak Moss & Apple for a more woody, earthy scent. 

I find lighting a zesty, light scent is best for the mornings when I just can't get myself out of bed. I like Fringe Studios' Lemon Chiffon & Ginger candle, we've been burning it in store this week and I have to say, it wakes me up more than a soy latte ever could!


Pop in store to have a sniff of these beautiful scents, or if you live out of Wellington we can send them out to you ASAP - just check out our online store!

So if you need to relax this winter, get pamperin' yo!

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