2024? Well how DO you do?! - planners & calendars here! 2024? Well how DO you do?! - planners & calendars here!


Nov 09, 2014

Madame Fancy Pants! I love your earrings, I wear mine everyday! Everything in your store is adorable, I always pop in if I’m on Cuba St

Nov 09, 2014

Perfect one-stop-shop for treats and gifts, for others or just for you!

Ange Williams
Nov 09, 2014

I love the variety of amazing clothing and accessories you sell. I haven’t been to your store yet but it’s on my to-do list! Thanks for hosting this giveaway. :)

Geo May
Nov 08, 2014

Yay I would so love to win this! x

Jennah Bush
Nov 08, 2014

wonderful colour, would love this Status Anxiety piece!

Sue Esterman
Nov 08, 2014

I adore your shop and the Status Anxiety wallets are my favourite!

Molly Gilpin
Nov 08, 2014

I love your beautiful things and your staff are always so friendly! :)

Emma brown
Nov 07, 2014

I loooooove coming into the shop and looking at your gorgeous range of trinkets!! They make the most wonderful presents for the wonderful people in my like ( and let’s be honest, ‘to me, from me’ gifts as well!!)
Thank you for making such a cute haven for shoppers!!

Joanna Mulrooney
Nov 07, 2014

I love the friendly and personal service that is very rare these days. And of course I love the beautiful objects of desire too. It’s always very easy to find the perfect gift (or treat for myself).

Nov 07, 2014

So styley and cool with humour! I want pretty things!!!


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