Mondays Journal

Introducing the inaugural issue of Mondays Journal - Issue 1, Summer 2015!

Mondays, a lovely little wholefoods café in Auckland, have collaborated with a handful of New Zealand's most talented writers, bloggers & photographers to create a beautiful printed journal.

Image courtesy of Petite Kitchen, one of the founders of Mondays Wholefoods and a contributor of the journal. 

The girls at Mondays believe in living a balanced, positive and healthy life. Upon the pages of Mondays Journal, you will find a collection of passions: beautifully simple recipes, images & words designed to inspire. It is full to the brim with healthy wholefoods recipes and has an abundance of beautiful tips and inspiration to help you to start fresh today and begin living a more balanced, happier life.

Featuring contributions from:

Bonnie Delicious Blog / The Forest Cantina / Little & Loved / The Caker / Greta Kenyon Photography / Natural Ange / Gem Adams Stylist :: Blackbird Blog / Nicola Galloway Homegrown Kitchen / Practising Simplicity / Lostravellers / Health Yeah / Petite Kitchen / @healthyalways

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