2021 Christmas Shipping PSA!

2021 Christmas Shipping PSA!

Hey folks!


Our wonderful couriers are under the pump SO much more this year - with more folks working from home, they are delivering more B2C (that's fancy for business to customer) than the usual B2B (that's fancy for business to business) as in - folk are getting more deliveries to their HOMES that the usual CBD deliveries - which is talking couriers SO much longer than usual
- imagine you used to deliver 40 parcels to one business address - and now those folks are working from home and having those parcels delivered to each of their individual home addresses - all over the city...

So that is part of why parcels are talking SO much longer right now - not to mention we are all LOVING getting online deliveries to take the strain off parking, leaving the house and you know

So, if you are in a hurry and you are local and NEED that parcel by a certain date, if you can use a stores online pick up service, we can have you parcel ready in most instances (as long as the items you've ordered are located at the store you want to to pick up from) We can have it ready in and wrap (if you fancy!) in a jiffy so you can just holler from the door your name and we can catapult that parcel (carefully!) to you at the door and you can be on your way again!

Or, if you are ordering online, give that parcel a little grace time to get to you - and don't leave it till the last moment to order!

Right on folks!

xoxMFP (and your couriers)






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