What's Happening In Welly?

Whānau Yoga In the Sanctuary


Experience a bilingual hatha flow with your whānau surrounded by serene ngāhere/forest. You’ll enjoy a calming hīkoi up to Tūi Terrace then settle in for a 60min yoga session and leave feeling refreshed. This is best suited to tamariki 10 years and older. 


CampGround - Rainbow Comedy Night


A fierce and fabulous showcase of the best LGBTQAII+ comedians from Wellington and beyond.

Featuring polished pros and hilarious up-and-comers. It's a big comedy party just waiting for you.
Support your community by laughing with us!

Brought to you by Neil D'Bear Thornton


Food Plants From Around the World


We shall look at plants, some of which are now used around the world, that have provided food and prosperity in their countries of origin.

This easy, 75-minute downhill walk begins above the Playground, and finishes in the Begonia House.


Stitch and Bitch Knitting Circle


Holy Knit Batman! It’s the Southern Cross Knitting Circle!

Come join in—from beginners to experienced knitters. Now you can wile away the evening hours, stitch and b*tch or flip the script and give Grandma a cardie next Christmas. Everyone welcome, young or old, blokes or ladies. Just bring down some wool and needles.

Hosted by the lovely Katharine from 2 Minute Needles, there'll always be someone there to show you some tricks and teach you the bits and bobs of knitting.


You'd Look So Pretty If


You’d look so pretty if you smiled, or you wore makeup.

If you showed off your legs, or you just made more of a damn effort.

Sounds familiar, doesn't it?

You’d Look So Pretty If, a devised show from Stain Your Brain Productions, is set to debut this year as a part of the Six Degrees Festival.

This is a provocative, horrific, comedic and contemporary performance, that will leave you feeling contemplative, and ready to scream.

With a cast and crew consisting of female and non-binary folk, we’ve managed to create a performance which confronts the issues around the objectification of femininity. We are discovering how we can best celebrate the feminine people in our lives.

You will see puppetry, physical theatre, poetry, romance, horror and more as we flesh out the eclectic lives of the feminine person within us all.


Great Big Waterfront Clean-Up


Once again Wellington Museum is partnering with Sustainable Coastlines to deliver a community clean-up project on the capital’s waterfront for the third year in a row. Learn about our harbour and best-practice recycling with experts from Sustainable Coastlines.

We look forward to getting our hands dirty again at the next Great Big Waterfront Clean-Up.


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