The Powder Room (and new hair for Claire!)

Some of you may have heard ....(and the rest of y'all must be living in caves!) that The Powder Room have opened up a sister salon in upper Cuba Street. Yay!

Lisa Ussher - the loveliest hairdresser and pal in town - has been cutting my hair for 10 years and doing an amazing job each time.  At 22 she gave me my first asymmetrical fringe with was then dyed magenta pink, at 23 enter the 'fashion mullet' and 26 a very David Bowieesqe  cut which at the time was amazing.  On looking back it may have been a little Bowie! but in saying that Lisa has always challenged my thoughts on how I want my hair, but always kept in mind how I dress, my face shape and all those lovely little details you hope your hairdresser (and friend!) would take on board.

We have now been friends for many many years and now I generally get Lisa to whatever he fancies.....and this recent hair cut has to be up there with the best!  Maybe it had something to do with her fabulously stunning new salon or maybe she was sick of my old cut..who knows but its great!  

I love the Newtown salon, its cozy, lovely and familiar but I was super excited about having my hair cut at the Cuba st Powder Room.  Greeted by Lisa's smiling staff and Lisa herself I was sat down to discuss what kind of 'do' I would be having,..once this was agreed (Lisa...just do whatever you want love!)  I sauntered into the room next door to find a big black comfy looking chair.  Once sat Lisa got the chair to lean back (and my feet put up) and handed me what looked like a remote.....what a remote for a chair? YES! a remote for a massage chair! with heat no less!  So as the darling Mrs Ussher washed my hair and massaged my head (le sigh!) I lay back and enjoyed a 10 minute back massage.  On Lisa's recommendation F1 was the winner of the day.

After she woke me up and dragged me kicking and screaming from the glorious chair we went back into the main cutting room for the chop.  Lisa got to work with the right amount of speed, precision and care, I chatted away to anyone who would listen, then there was a pile of locks on the floor and I had a new do on my head.  Now I have a 7 year old son, a business and house that needs a new bathroom so of course...I have grey hairs....These hairs need to be sufficiently covered until there is enough grey hair to BE grey... (and then perhaps get a purple rinse...hellllllloooo coro street!)  So my natural mousey brown hair sprinkled with those dastardly grey's were shown the way to the coloring room upstairs.  The sweet Celeste was given the job of the great cover up...using a dark red she got rid of those grey's and I sat and ate pineapple and chatted to the Cuba Street salon manager Annabel while she did magic to another Powder Room client.  After a sufficient amount of time I went next door to the colour wash room.  Oh! what a divine essential oil they were burning, upside down plants to cleanse my air and yet more massage chairs!  I don't think I want to leave......   ever!

Downstairs to blow dry and productify then..shazam! amazing hair!  

So...I now present to you....old Claire and new Claire thanks bought to you by the letter K and The Powder Room.


Before photos are ALWAYS bad right?

And after! gone are the days of my asymmetrical enter the fringe and 20s bob!

You cant really see the amazing red that is in my hair but in the sun light it gleams!

Go add The Powder Room on Facebook! and call 04 3852989 to book your cut with one of the talented team now!

Sep 10, 2011

I ralely couldn’t ask for more from this article.

Aug 08, 2011

Love it :D

Annabel trimmed my stepdaughter’s fringe on her 11th birthday the other weekend and she just felt like the most amazing little style maven afterwards! It is such a wonderful salon… Great to see them branching out to the central city, lucky us. I have booked myself in now!

Jul 19, 2011

Thanks Jo! I <3 it to!
Love having short hair….

Jul 18, 2011

Your fringe looks amazing! <3 I love it!

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