CDs will never be this hot.

Most folks have a fond memory involving records.  I have a mother had a large record collection and we moved...well lets just say I have had a transient life! the movers would roll their eyes when presented with the many many banana boxes filled to the brim for them to move.  My mum would bat her lashes.

For my 11th birthday a friend gave me Bon Jovis 'Slippery when wet' ...(hmm..yes he was a boy and no your not going to think bad thoughts!).  I remember my utter sadness as a 15 year old when I mistakenly left my favorite Micheal Jackson 'Thriller' record out and it got hit by the sun and warped....but when ever I listened to the record after there was something great about the sound that the warped record made.

These days I mainly use CDs or my computer for music playin, but a CD will never sound as great as a record or look as hot!


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Jul 19, 2011

Great photos! There is nothing sexy about a CD … and nothing sexier than vinyl! I was just punched in the face with nostalgia; memory overload! But oooo such wonderful memories they are!

D Laughton

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