Hold'em tight Mr Wallet.

A wallet is so much more than a thing that holds you cash.  It says just a little something about you, is it tidy? is it compact? is it a wallet with every card under the sun in it? does it have pictures of loved ones ready to whip out at any moment? is it so packed full of receipts and random acquired bits'n'bobs you simply cant shut it? (Yes George I'm talking to you!).

I go between wallets, at the moment its just a small one that carries change, notes and cards.  A few years ago I had what I refer to as 'the mums wallet' its was BIG and had numerous compartments for all the Mitre 10, library, bonus, coffee and one cards it could handle.  But I'm feeling the need for a wee upgrade, a bit more room not quite a 'mum wallet' but something in-between.  Luckily Status Anxiety have come to my rescue.  

With wallets to fit all the cards (The Audrey has 3 folds to tuck'em away till you need'em) I am leaning towards the Dakota.  She is a fold over lush leather wallet with well enough room for my everyday cards, zippy compartment for all my jangles and a few hidey slots for random receipts.  But then...I am also so very tempted by the Phoebe purse....she has the loveliest floral lining, 2 kiss clasp compartments AND wait...yes....large enough to hold you fancy shmancy iphone'a'roo! ya hoo!

These beauties come in a range of colours...tan, black, stone, purple, pink, a pretty pretty powder blue and good old red.  Winning!

New wallet here I come!


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