Maker Monday #2 - Beau Bonnets

Your Name:

Alexa Whitehead

Business Name:
Beau Bonnets

How long has your business been going?
I launched Beau Bonnets on the 1st day of spring this year!

Are you a lone wolf of have staff/helpers?
I have been a lone wolf but have just hired a lovely sewer and knitter to join the BB ranks and help me produce all the bonnet-y goodness

What makes your designs special?

My pattern was drafted by me and I spend hours searching for the perfect materials, my bonnets are only made of natural fabrics as I believe it’s important for both our babies’ skin and the environment.

Beau Bonnets aren’t an original product - but an heirloom classic - reimagined with a modern and contemporary twist. They’re adorable and completely functional for all seasons. The sunbonnets have a great brim which stands outright out of your baby’s face to keep the sun away and the cosy merino wool bonnets are soft and snuggly and perfect for little ones. Merino Wool is the ultimate fabric for baby’s delicate skin and isn’t itchy like traditional wool.

What helps when the creative juice is feeling sluggish?
Coffee and hot cups of tea! When sewing I always have one nearby.

Is your workspace a mess/organised mess/super tidy or….
At the moment my workspace is a jungle of fabrics, feathers and coffee cups. We moved back to New Zealand from Australia at the beginning of August and my tolerant mother has had her house taken over my me, my mess, our cat and two dogs and our two young children! I do love to be organised - a creative mind finds such task hard to do but I will have to wait until our furniture arrives so we can move into our house and I can furnish my office!

What is your favourite design so far?
My favourite is the soft pink merino and Japanese cotton soft-bonnet. It was the very first one I made and my daughter wore it a lot. (She still does in this  l o v e l y  wet, spring weather we’re having here!) The fabric is dreamy-soft and the colour is just divine.

Do you listen to music while you are designing/creating?
Absolutely! A quiet workspace would be too lonely.

If yes, what are your current fave artists/songs?
Since I’m mostly just listening to the radio at the moment, my favourite song that pops on is “Macklemore & Ryan Lewis: Downtown” - it’s just such a fun song!

Pizza or burger?
Depends on the toppings/fillings of each! After not having Burger King where we were living for the last three years I am quite partial to a tendercrisp chicken burger!

3 Things in your bag you couldn’t live without?
Baby wipes, phone and lip balm! All pretty self-explanatory! 

Are you a design Lark or Owl?
Lark, definitely - I can’t handle late nights. Plus I like to leave my evenings for family time!

Today I am “Madame Chilly Pants” After living in QLD, it’s mighty cold here!

THANKS ALEXA! We are super excited to stock your darling bonnets!

- xclaire

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