iPhone cross stitch'o'rama!

Well howdydo and Happy New Year to you!!

I hope you had a super time either enjoying some stat day off goodness or a rip roaring (possibly very wet!) holiday away or at home chilling.  Myself, Amon (my son) and Gareth (my man) spent some days camping in Taupo, then went up to play some music at a festival in the Coromandel called Prana.  Which would have been SO SO lovely...if the weather was obliging.  Sadly Mrs weather had PMS and other plans for all of us campers hoping for sun.  But we camped on despite torrential rain and managed to get some good times in.  Though it was lovely to come home to clean, dry clothes and a bed that didn't deflate in the night.  Ah camping we love you so!

On my return to MFP my lovely assistant Phoebe ran the store and made it all bright, shiny and clean for my return - Super! Thanks Phoebe, you're star.

Now that I'm back and raring to go for 2012 it was time to get some new goodies out on the almost bare post Christmas shelves.  One of the MOST exciting things I get to share with you is the super dooooper awesome iphone cross stitch kit! yeah!

We have them in 5 colours (pink, blue, purple, black and yellow).  The kit comes with some patterns, needle and 5 threads.  I couldn't wait to take my kit home and start on stitching up a storm (or in my case a bird) on my new case.  i have been cross stitching since I was about 8 years old, from super simple, pretty and fast projects to a huge dragon and castle that took months and I gave to my boyfriend when I was 16 (awwwwww).  I have a few cross stitch books from when I was young and decided to pull em out last night and find myself a wee simple pattern to stitch onto my cover.

I found this super cute wee birdy with musical notes (anyone who has seen my ankles will know this is a theme for me).  I then counted up all the squares to make sure he was gonna fit then I got to stitching (while watching a new episode of Desperate Housewifes...ahh domestic goddess??)  Take a peak at my project below, then come hook yourself up a cover to join in the stitching!




After! Hello Mr birdy!

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