Buttons, Duckies Typewriters oh my!

So howdy! Welcome to 2012 and a fresh year of sun, fun and new goodies.

In anticipation of Easter I got in these super wee darling soaps.  Perfect for that lovely person who perhaps cannot eat chocolate (or fathom carob....blurrghhh!! yes hello Jenn I'm talking to you!) these wee Nest egg soaps, Rubber ducky soap and my fav the wee button soap...aww!! All of the soaps are lightly scented and come in sweet boxes tied up with bows and only $8. Bargain!

I'm a big fan of notebooks, I think I possibly may be slightly obsessed with them.  If ever I see a cute notebook free with a magazine....even if I don't like the magazine...I will buy it.  Then save it until I find the right time to use it.   This new Julia Rothman typewriter notebook is just my type (ah hehehe) of notebook.  We also have these uber cute wee little girl notebooks in!  2 of them have animal ear hats and 2 have flowers in their sweet!

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