Madame Fiancée Pants!

It has been a little quiet on the MFP blog front the last week as - exciting news - My lovely feller Gareth popped the question on Labour day!

He had intended to use the gorgeous voice of Jill Scott to help him out during Soul Fest, but alas that was canned. So the sneaky fellow decided a tucked away Waiheke holiday bay would the perfect spot to pop pop pop that ring on a finger. You wanna know the story? of course you do! 

After a glorious day of wine tasting, sunshine and food at a variety of stunning Waiheke wineries, we headed back to our home away from home to enjoy our evening. Gareth (aka now Mister Fiancé Pants) decided it would be delightful to go for a swim - would I also like to swim? HELL NO! it looks pretty but I reckon it's just a bit on the chilly side for my precious warm water loving self. But, I will come down and read my book in the sunshine on the shore.

Mister goes into the water and flounders about for a while, comes back in, faffs about a bit then goes back in the water. He starts hollering that he has found something - TREASURE! get the water bottle, we need to clean the 'treasure'! (I thought he was going to come get me with some slimy sea creature or a crab claw)

He arrives at my side with a handful of ocean floor, seaweed and sand, I proceed to wash the sand and stones away unsure of what lay within. Then, a sparkle! a shine! a TREASURE of a ring!

You can then insert tears, giggles, lovely words that are meant for my ears only and then of course (when I remembered) a YES!

Needless to say we are both over the moon and acting like we just fell in love all over again. LOVE!

Here are some impromptu snaps my awesomely talented wedding photographer pal Sarah Mcevoy took of us on our return.

xox Claire (AKA Madame Fiancée Pants)

Ring details: Yes! That is a gorgeous Meadowlark engagement ring, did he choose it? He sure did! I had spotted it and had a magpie lust for this ring with its morganite claw set stone, surrounded in wee diamonds and rose gold. BEAUTIFUL! I am one hell'a lucky lass!


It wouldn't be a great photoshoot without a cat of course.

Nov 07, 2015

SO Lovely! Congratulations Claire! Damn that ring is so gorgeous! Best wishes to you both <3

Nov 05, 2015

Congratulations, you babe!


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