Cupcake ATM. Oh yes.

Oh my goodness!  If there were one thing I could ask for on Cuba Street it would be a cupcake ATM.  I mean seriously, who doesn’t like cupcakes? If you’re reading this and you don’t like cupcakes…then well..gosh darn it something must’a happened to you in the womb and I feel very sad for you.  BUT in saying that perhaps then there will be more cupcakes for me.  (mwahahahahaah!)

I have been very lucky over the last few weeks and have been given cupcakes by 2 wonderful ladies, (Item a, Item B) yet my cupcake hunger is not satisfied.  So how overjoyed was I to come across this iced, circular wonder? Heck what? A cupcake ATM? Oh you know I was jumping in my seat and doing a chair dance.  This nifty idea is the baby of Sprinkles Cupcakes over in Beverly Hills (yes I know you’re thinking 90210..I am).  They have heaps of locations for their Sprinkles Cupcakes stores but just one cupcake ATM which is located between bedford & Camden 2 blocks west of rodeo drive …and yes..whats that? Being an ATM its open…wait for it….24 HOURS A DAY!  Super for those 3am I need a cupcake RIGHT NOW moments.

Now I need to go find a cupcake after all this cupcake talk.


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