Pinwheel Jewellery!

There is a package whisking its way through the air on a jet plane which I am super excited about.  

Pin.Wheel.Jewels.  Yup that's right. Teeny wee wind pinwheels that actually work to wear in your ear or around your neck!  Hand made in sterling silver and enamel by Tess of Nova Designs (Philadelphia, USA), these little beauties are sure to become a favourite jewellery piece.
We are getting them in pink, blue, silver,black and red..I'm yet to decide my fav colour..but I have an inkling I will be needing some wee pink ones! Cotton candy pinwheels!  
They will be popped up on line as soon as we get em in store.


Apr 03, 2012

That is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

crispin korschen
Mar 16, 2012

Super cute – I want the necklace!


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