Via the wonders of instagram I have been able to show you lovely folks out there what I have been up to.
It consisted of Dunkin Doughnuts - I would seriously eat these tasty little cinnamon fried goodies ALL THE TIME if me a$$ would allow it!, A walk (to make the doughnuts ok right?) along the lovely south coast of Wellington with a good friend and my son Amon (on wheels) and a trip to the Island Bay Marine Education Centre (Octopus).  Amon and I saw an octopus being set back out into the ocean after living at the centre for 3 months (they rotae them as much as they can) neat!  They lots of turtles at the centre and a touchy feel pool - eww slimy things! The top right note was on the messages board at my local supermarket, dog walker who will pick up your dogs pooh..hehe.  I want a dog so that he can take it for walks, he sounds so sweet!
A few months back I discovered Stickygram.  These folk turn your instagram piccys into magnets..RAD! I sent some to my mum who lives in Ausie.  She was pretty stocked and the quality was really good.....Im defiantly getting some for myself!

I hope you had a lovely weekend also....summer really is on its way - yay!


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