So You Think You're A Hipster?

This book by Kara Simsek is full of hilarious case studies to help you "get" that species of hip people that populate Wellington with their cupcakes, chinos, moustaches and 1950s glasses.


If you discover one of your nearest and dearest is, in fact, a hipster, use the handy guide below to help you pick out a present for that person who knows what's "cool", before it is "cool". (Apologies to those who have been identified as a hipster in this blogpost if offence has been caused, but hey, you might find something you like x )

(So you think you're a hipster


(Chrissie Dress, Trug Bag)

Pair a classic shift with a trug hanging effortlessly from your elbow hook and you're good to go get those organic chia seeds you've been lusting after.


(Moustache Growers Guide)

You might not like it, but you might like it better when it's looked after well with the help of this guide. 

(Miss Sparrow Blossom Blouse, Cannonball Skirt

Arguably the most well dressed of all hipsters.


(Sublime Stitching)

If it's not handmade, it's not hip.

(A Pug's Guide to Etiquette)

Got a pug? Hip. 


Hope this blogpost helped you understand the ways of the hipster, and made you smile, be sure to read the book to learn about even more categories of hipster. In the end, we might all be a little hipper than we thought!

Have a hip weekend,

xoxox Anneke xoxox

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