What's New? Pretty Dresses and Stunning Bags For You!

Hello out there! Hope you're all wrapped up warm on this blustery day.

Today we'll be sharing some of the new clothes we have gracing our racks and giving you a sneak peak of some soon to come goodies; so, snuggle up, grab a cup of tea and have a leisurely look.  

Ball season is fast approaching, as are those mid-Winter parties. What better way to stand out from the crowd than with a bright, fancy frock? We have some gorgeous bright Celine Rita dresses that will be perfect for bringing a little cheer to this chilly weather. In classic shapes and candy colours, these frocks will be sure to make you look stunning and feel beautiful.

(These dresses, and more of Celine Rita, can be found HERE)


Check out that hot pink lace! Babing. 


You might have seen or heard that we once again have a cabinet full of Status Anxiety wallets and a shelf stacked with their super cool bags. We love Status Anxiety, as do many of you, and in the next couple of weeks we'll be getting in some new friends to add to our collection; two smaller bags that will be perfect for slinging over your shoulder night and day, and the much talked about 'One Passing Moment' bag - made out of gloriously soft New Zealand lambs leather. Have a look, get excited, we'll let you all know when you can get your hands on them through our Facebook page; keep an eye on it, you don't want to miss out! 


Drum roll please...

Did somebody say "Hey, 'I See You Baby', you classy, hip, cute, Italian Leather bag"? I thought so. With handy internal pockets and an external pocket for easy access to your most used items, this baby is perfectly pretty and practical.

Looking for a bigger bag to throw your kitchen sink into? Look no further..


The much talked 'One Passing Moment' is made of super soft New Zealand lamb leather, has a bunch of smart pockets and is lined in a statement black and white striped cotton. Super cute and can fit your whole world into it. What more could you want?

If those two aren't tickling your fancy, perhaps you're more of a classic kinda gal. This little bag might do the trick.


Could you really say no 'This Old Love' with it's super sweet deco detailing and simple design? Didn't think so.

If that wasn't too much of a Status Anxiety overload, you'll be excited to hear that we'll be getting the incredibly popular 'Some Secret Place' bag in a bubbly blue hue. Now that really will brighten up your day!

Wow. That's a lot of very pretty things to drool over! Hope you enjoyed that cup of tea and your leisurely look. Stay tuned for more news on what's going on here at Madame Fancy Pants; next blog post coming to you on Friday.

Happy Wednesday!

Anneke xoxox



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