New Silence Was... now in store!

Some exciting parcels have been coming through the door of 217 Cuba Street of late. Last week, a box labelled ’20 Unicorns’ turned out to, indeed, have twenty tiny unicorns inside. (It was also probably the most magical box I’ve ever opened in my life. Unicorns!)

This week, fresh from Auckland label Silence Was..., we’ve some stunning additions to our Madam Fancy Pants hangers. Two of these new dresses are also gracing our two window mannequins (I’ve nicknamed them Ava and Marie, just secretly, in my head), who are both looking pretty fancy at the mo.

The magnificently cobalt silk Sheer Long Trench is a head-turner for sure – it’s so elegant! So blue! AND it has pockets. Seriously, so much to love about this one.


The Ivana Drape Long Shirt takes the traditional shirt-dress and gives it a bit of edge with a draping, cut-out back. It recently appeared in the latest Remix magazine, looking fabulous and just a bit mysterious.

And if it’s a bright geometric print you’re after, the vivid diamond patterns of The Comfort Top (left) and Love Fiction Shirt Dress (right) are bold and unique and fun. They are also both really light and lovely to wear, which will be super for the summer.

Summer! Allegedly this is something that will be happening soon, but not today it seems – so if you’re in Wellington, I hope you’re wrapped up dry!

Keep warm, kids.

Xx Jen

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