Rahhr, Friday!!

It’s Friday and the weekend is coming for us faster than a hungry Pachycaphalosaurus.


Which leads us to the question: what are you up to this weekend? Hopefully you have some grand plans and ambitions. If you’ve a lack of dinosaur-related activities, then perhaps a bit of sobering weekend reading is in order:

All my friends are still dead. 

In other Friday bits'n pieces:

  • Have you seen the new bar that has moved into the old premises of a Cuba Street Laundromat, just up from us at MFP? I haven’t been to Laundry yet, but definitely looking forward to checking it out.
  • If you’ve no plans for Saturday night, a number of great local bands are playing at Bodega for the Like Minds Concert. And it’s for a good cause – proceeds go to the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand.

  • So excited to hear that Alice Munro has been awarded the Nobel Prize for literature! If you’re after a book to curl up with for the weekend (having already enjoyed All My Friends Are Still Dead, of course), maybe try Too Much Happiness. Superbly excellent collection of stories. And a bit heartbreaking, though in a quite different way to the sadness of dinosaurs.
  • If the weather stays all grey and dismal, like it’s doing now, and you’re looking to do something a bit creative to do with all the inside hours – we can help! Roller derby embroidery? Or maybe unicorns and cats? A soft owl cushion? (The owl's name is Oswald, even!) Oh, we’ve got this.

Happy weekending!


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