About the Madame herself (ok, so that's me!)

About the Madame herself (ok, so that's me!)

Before I opened Madame Fancy Pants I had always been crafty, musical and worked in customer service but never sure of where I wanted to land my feet every day, My favorite part of customer service was (and is!) the people! Talking to customers and getting to know regulars. But, it wasn’t until I opened my store that I knew how much I loved helping women feel confident in choosing the perfect garment or piece of jewellery and the joy of helping customers pick out the perfect gift.

This is why #madamefancypants exists today.

I ain't gonna lie - I sure miss that wee store right now!⁠ So there you have it! But, enough about me! 😊 What has influenced you to get where you are today?⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠


Image by @oceandesign & @jospehkelly ⁠

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