Mother's Day is a comin!

Naw mums are the best ain't they?!?!

I mean not just because I AM one (and I am certainly not the BEST mum allllll the time but I try to be the best I can be, as do most mums I meet) but because I have one. I mean sure, from time to time we drive each other a bit kookoo, but that is totally just because we are so similar and just want the best for each other, our families and friends.
When was the last time you took your ma out for a coffee and cake, or sent her a card and a wee token to let her know you are thinking about her?

I know for sure they appreciate the little things, not even a grand gesture, just a wee hello to let them know you love her, think of her and appreciate her. It's the little things huh. A card or a candle may seem like it is not enough for all the amazing she has done for you in your life. But, it is the little things that bring the biggest smiles. 

If you know a new mum, or a mum to be then why not get those mum good high fiving going early and tell them what an amazing job they are doing with their little one. Mother's Day is not just for your own mum but to acknowledge ALL the amazing mums out there raising up the next generation.

Big love to all you mums out there - you're doing wonderfully! 

Just in case you need the date for overseas shipping...Mother's day is Sunday 12th May!

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xxx Claire, Az & Mo


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