Why change to an oil cleanser?

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Why change to an oil cleanser?

While I’m sure the cleanser you’re using is very nice, it might be an idea to think about changing to an oil cleanser, like our Calendula Cleansing Balm.

Why? You ask - well nothing removes makeup, impurities and dirt from your pores quite as well as an oil cleanser. You hardly have to rub your eyes to remove even the toughest waterproof mascara. Plus an oil cleanser has the ability to leave skin soft, supple and perfectly balanced.

Loads of people have asked me if using an oil cleanser on oily skin is crazy and yes it might seem counterintuitive but in fact to remove excess oils and help your skin produce less oil, adding an oil is the way to go.

It’s a total beauty myth that if you add oil to your skin you will have oily skin. Oily skin actually balances out and stops creating so much of its own oils if you use an oil-based cleanser. Not only that but an oil cleanser easily picks up dirt, impurities and makeup far more successfully than a cream cleanser and it won’t strip your skin like a foaming cleanser.

An oil cleansing balm is applied to a dry skin, emulsifies with a little warm water and washes off easily leaving your skin feeling soft, clean and supple not at all stripped or dry. Unlike most types of cleansers, an oil cleanser is suitable for ALL skin types and all aged skins.

The 3 step oil cleanse

An oil cleanser can be used as the first step in your double cleanse and if you're like me then your a major fan of the double cleanse.

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