Cathy Pope Jewellery

Glimmer Ring - Gold & Green Amethyst

$299.00 NZD

We adore this new style by Cathy. Her rings are well known for their bold statements and beautiful gemstones. This glimmer ring will be sure to catch your glimmer eye!

- Brass base plated in 2 microns of 14k gold
- Stone 18mm x 18mm
- Genuine  green amethyst gemstone

The ring is square shaped which is very comfortable to wear and prevents the ring from moving around your finger.

Amethyst is like a Zen master on steroids, promoting so much calm, balance, and peace, it'll make your head spin! And hey, if you've got personal losses and grief, Amethyst is here to delicately guide you past those troubles. Talk about a crystal therapist in action!