MFP VIP! - Collect loyalty is on!

Howdy folks!

MFP has signed up with Collect a Wellington based loyalty app, here is some info you just might wanna know about it all.

Every $ you spend at MFP earns you points.  $1 = 1 point.  Yea!

You can save up your points to work towards a sweet mini reward, or save even more points for a mega reward.

How else can you rack up some sweet points?

Well you can share on Facebook, refer a friend via the Collect app.  You can also gift points to friends on Collect if you fancy helping them towards a goal reward or you have 3 pals and you all want the mega MFP jewellery night reward.  Now that's just plain nice!

So how do you go about joining?

Download the Collect app to your phone.

Sign up with your Facebook account.

Join up in store by letting us know your name, cell number and email.


Check out this nifty wee video for heaps more information on Collect and how it can work for you.


Why did MFP choose Collect? Well for starters we wanted to make it easy for you (yes you, lovely you!) to get rewards for shopping with us at Madame Fancy Pants and also...if you hadn't noticed...the Collect logo has a SQUIRREL!!!!! 

So go check it out and get collecting on those points!



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