A story of a dress (and a thoughtful women).

About 8 or so years ago I was in a fancy store trying on fancy dresses and found a stunning Trelise Cooper 50s style hydrangea dress that upon trying on I didn't think I could live without - until I saw the price tag of $800..Mum/my right shoulder shopping devil! said 'Go on, just get it and put it on layby' - little did she know that if I did this her grandson would indeed eat nothing but noodles and white bread for well over 2 months, so ever so sadly I declined then walked out of the store empty handed.
For many, many years I thought, no no strike that, obsessed over this dress, hunted through Trade Me and Ebay listings and trawled second hand shops. Then one day in my wee Cuba Street store a lovely lass walked in wearing....the dress! (in my size no less!)....I gasped, held my heart and told her the story of how I tried it on and how I have searched far and wide and lusted after it for many moons. She said if she were to ever sell it she would contact me immediately. I thanked her and watched the dress walk out of my life.

Fast forward 3 or so dress-less years (despite more hunting, yes yes...obsessing!) to the current date.  

One sunny February day The Madame Fancy Pants Facebook page received a message from the known dress owner/MFP customer saying she had moved to Auckland and stumbled across 'the dress' in a second hand store, in fabulous condition AND in my size and would I like her her to purchase it and send it to me - I of course squealed with girly delight and said YES PLEASE.

So, long story short, thanks to a gorgeous women who remembered a crazy shop lady lusting after her dress 8 odd years down the track I now am the proud owner of the Hydrangea dress. To be worn with cowboy boots for many years to come. 
The end.

Thank you Trina! 



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