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Delicious Vegan Recipes To Get In Your Belly!

Food has been a running theme in our weekly blog since I’ve somewhat taken the reigns of writing it. To say I’m obsessed with food would be an understatement. Since I moved out of home a couple of years ago and actually started cooking, I’ve been experimenting with vegetarian food; because it’s delicious, it’s been a good way of getting vegetables into my flatmates and it’s a lot cheaper than meat based meals. Not meaning to be preachy, but it’s always good to vary your diet and include some meat free meals in your week, if you’re a meat eater like me!

Now vegan, that’s a territory I haven’t quite yet explored, but one I’m definitely keen to. Emily, one of the lovely ladies here at Madame Fancy Pants, has recently become a vegan. We’ve all got a little overexcited dreaming up and sourcing recipes to add to her repertoire, including Claire deciding that creating a vegan macaroon would be perfect to include Emily in our macaroon obsession (we are both addicted to the ones from the wicked italian café just up the road). Oh that cloud of coconut, dipped and drizzled in dark chocolate… I’m drooling just thinking about it. Not a pretty image? Well, here is a real pretty image to distract you.

Oh pretty, pretty vegan food! These recipes come from the blog Wolf and Willow. The owner of this blog, Nancy Alice Chalmers, has embarked on a sugar-free and vegan diet adventure and has created an e-cookbook, dubbed The Sexy Sugar-Free Vegan Project, which is full of amazing recipes. Red Velvet and Coconut Cream Brownies? Yes please!! The two recipes above, Roasted Eggplant Hummus with Vegie Crisps and the Heavenly Coconut Butters, are available as a sneak-peak on her blog. They seem like perfect vegan party canapés to me. Or just smother your morning toast with one of them. Or both. Whatever floats your boat (probably don’t combine both, wouldn’t be very tasty).

So, I may be a little in love with Hungry and Frozen, who I have mentioned before on this blog. Wellingtonian Laura Vincent fills this blog with food love; it’s bursting with recipes she has created and snapped to share with all her lucky readers. Since she started the blog as a ‘strapped for cash’ student, most of the food you can find on her blog can be made on the cheap, whilst still remaining tasty and healthy. I’ve turned to her recipe for Spicy Chickpeas with Tomatoes and Coconut Cream time and time again for a quick and healthy dinner.

Ice cream is my favourite food, don’t judge, and Laura’s ice creams are seriously standout. She’s conquered vegan ice cream in a few variations, but this Lemon and Poppyseed Ice Cream looks amazing. Would probably taste pretty good after those Spicy Chickpeas too!


My last source for vegan cooking inspiration comes in the form of Tumblr blog, Thug Kitchen. If you like your vegan food served with a side of gangster, check this one out. Be warned, if you’re sensitive to strong language, would be best to avoid this one. If you can look past the effs and blinds, or you are harboring a secret internal gangster (like me), you’ll enjoy it and laugh. My picks? The Lavender Lemonade alongside the Roasted Chickpea and Broccoli Burrito. Delicious.

Well, there we have it! A trio of blogs where you can find delicious vegan recipes to try out on yourself, or your lovely vegan friends. I’m dreaming of eating the Strawberry and Vanilla Coconut Butter by the spoonful already…

Xoxo Anneke xoxo

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