Just To Make You Smile

Feeling a bit glum? Looking to brighten up your Thursday? Well, we’re here to help! I mean, it’s already going pretty well today; we’re more than halfway through the week, the sun is (kinda) coming out, people are smiling. You might not be able to see the sunshine gleaming outside, but we’ll try to bring a bit of it to you with this blog. Promise!

If your grin is struggling to make an appearance, you should definitely have a look at some of the pretty new Highnoontea Summer 13/14 Collection we’re starting to get in. Thinking of the summer season that is just around the corner is sure to make you smile, and you can dream on by getting your wardrobe well and truly prepped, or at least start drooling over these stunning pieces; stripes, spots, and geometric brights. Bring on the good weather! Check out what we’ve got so far by clicking HERE.


Enough about stunning clothes, and more about Ryan Gosling. He’s definitely able to make any girl smile, and for one day only you can buy Ryan Gosling from our online store!!!

Hey Girl

Just kidding!  But I do hope that suave man cheered you up a little bit. If you want to have some of your own fun with Ryan Gosling all you have to do is click on the Hey Girl link HERE and follow the simple instructions. Like a magical Gosling wand this web tool will temporarily transform your Facebook page into a sea of sexy images, or the news will be turned upside down and all kinds of positive with pictures of this pretty man. Have fun!!

If you’re the type to seek comfort in food like I am, even just images of food, then why not dissolve into a bowl of Black Bean Tortilla Soup courtesy of the ladies at A Beautiful Mess. Try cooking this easy soup for dinner and then follow it up with this Lindt Chocolate Pudding that I stumbled across on Hungry and Frozen. Or just drool over the images like I do, up to you.

Coincidentally Laura Vincent, author of the Hungry and Frozen blog, is releasing her debut cookbook on Friday 23rd August which you'll be able to get from our shop! I’m pretty damn excited for this book. As you may be able to tell with my constant sharing of her scrumptious recipes, I’m a little bit obsessive with her blog. Definitely get yourself a copy and support some serious local talent!! This is one piece of news that is definitely making me smile.

I hope that these little things have helped to brighten up your day! Chin up, it's almost Friday... 

Anneke xox

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