An Important Announcement From Claire ❤️🌈✨

An Important Announcement From Claire ❤️🌈✨

Kia ora to our fantastic customers and followers.


I have some pretty big news, which in the wake of our wonderful Jacinda's news seems pretty small, everything she wrote could have come from my heart.


Madame Fancy Pants Cuba Street will be closing its doors on Thursday the 23rd of February 2023 after almost 17 years.


The last 3 years have been some of the hardest I have experienced personally and as many will feel, as a people. I have nothing left in my bucket and can no longer be the leader I want to be for my team. I am on the train to resentville to become the mayor and that is not the destination I want to go to.

I need to give space to my family, my mental health, and body.

I have loved our time on Cuba Street, I love the community, the people, and the energy of the city. I hope that MFP's presence has added sparkle, cuss, and kind to this place we all love and care for. To give nice folks a nice place to find nice things.

I want Wellington to thrive and flourish, my decision feels like I am letting the team down. But I hope in the absence of MFP's Cuba presence another store will pop up and do the Mahi and give the street the love it deserves.


I want to thank all those folks that have shopped in the store, popped in for chats, shared posts, and generally given me support and words to uplift over the years.


I have met so many amazing customers who have become fantastic friends from working on that lil street. I truly cherish my time there.

To the designers and makers we have had in the store. What a fantastic time we had finding new homes for your products and designs.


Some of you we will take on our journey to Greytown, some we sadly may need to leave behind (due to conflicts of location) but I have ALWAYS loved supporting makers and have been so excited to see you grow and learn on your own creative business journey.


Thank you to all those MFP fancies who have brought the love, passion, energy, and care to the Cuba store over these 17 years. The store has been what it is today because of you.


BUT! This is NOT the end of the Madame Fancy Pants story!


Our Greytown store will stay very much open and our online store
will be functioning as usual, sending out the goods with all the love and care. I hope to see you in our Greytown store in the future - maybe attending a workshop in our Atelier!

Keep an eye out for an insta live soon where I will be open to
answer any questions you might have about the Cuba closure.

And to those business owners out there feeling a similar way and
you need an ear, holler at me if you would like to korero.
thanks a billion


xox Claire❤️🌈

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