Meet The Maker!

Meet The Maker!

We LOVE to support small biz! We wanna shout from the hills how FANTASTIC THESE MAKERS ARE!! 

SO, let's meet - Gabriel Maxwell of Maxwell Made

MFP - Kia ora Gabriel! Thank you so much for chatting with us!

Thank YOU! 


MFP - We’d love to know more about your biz and how it came to be!

WELL! I guess the short version of the story is - I’ve loved wearing interesting earrings for a long time, but I have sensitive ears, and trying to find earrings that didn't hurt my ears, turn green after one or two wears, or weigh a tone on my poor lobes, that were also fun as well, just wasn't easy. So I started making earrings for myself, and the rest is history I guess! 

MFP - What is your favourite thing about what you do?

Oooh the creative process!! There is something extremely satisfying about turning an idea into a tangible item and then being able to see other people enjoy it too. It’s such a beautiful thing. 

MFP - What is the most important message you want to send out to those starting a business?

Try it - you might surprise yourself! Even if it ends up not working the way you wanted it too you'll gain so much, you'll learn so much. I think it's always a good idea to try. And also, make sure you look after yourself #1 - that's when your best ideas and work will happen. 

MFP - Name a small biz that you admire?

The Cake Eating Co - for 10,000 reasons!! Seriously.  My Fave. 

..But also Milly Rose Boutique too, and of course MFP!! 

Sorry, I couldn't pick just one haha.

MFP - How has the last year been for you?

Haha, confusing and exciting!? There were a lot of little teachable moments and realisations, but all in all it was good. I found that I needed to remind myself why I started and what my ‘mission’ was, and not get sucked into what everyone else was doing; the need to enjoy what I’m designing and making is important. 

MFP - Where do you source your inspiration?

Oh yes, good question! All over the show, everywhere, I’ve been inspired by fabric, tiles, wallpaper, nature, landscapes, tattoos, art, my friends .. inspiration is EVERYWHERE, it's all about how you look, thinking about things that make you go ‘that's interesting’ and ‘how can i turn that into something else; how can i break that down’. I find my motivation is the highest when I feel inspired so seeking inspiration is a constant for me. 

MFP - What does “me time” mean to you?

Another excellent question! ‘Me time’ for me means taking time to do what you feel you need to do at that moment; what your body needs or desires. If you're tired, sleep, if you're needing a mental break or change, and allow yourself to step back from ‘responsibilities’ and understand that it’s ok to breathe a bit! Watch a movie in your PJ’s, or read a book! It’s super important in my books. 

You can see more of Gabriel over on Instagram & you can peep her website here!

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