YAS QUEEN! Biddie Cooksley interview

YAS QUEEN! Biddie Cooksley interview

Biddie Cooksley is the brilliant mind and designer behind gorgeous clothing range Tuesday. We have been stocking these super wearable special pieces for many years now and it is always a joy to see Biddie when she brings her collection in to us and show us what magic she has been tinkering away on. Like myself and so many other women, she is juggling a business, designing for that business, all the hats and of course her beautiful family. #likeaboss

xxx Claire, Aimee, Maddie

MFP - In a few sentences, can you explain your work and what you do/make?
BC - I'm the founder & designer of Tuesday Label, a New Zealand womens fashion brand I started from my home office 4 years ago. We now have a proper office; a fab all-female girl-power team that I'm so proud of; and ethical collections of beautiful, fashionable-yet-timeless, quality clothing that I love wearing.

MFP - On International Women’s Day, what is the most important message you want to send out to other women thinking about their careers?
BC - Truly, just do what you enjoy. Don't pursue a career path to please someone else, because you think it's what's expected of you or what you 'should' do. And likewise don't stay in a career that isn't the right fit because you're worried about disappointing others or are too scared to change.

MFP - Who is a female figure that you admire?
BC - Hannah from The Kite Program is all kinds of amazing.

MFP - How important is it for women to lift each other up and what does that mean to you?
BC - Empowering mantras and positive affirmations are super important to me - and if you follow Tuesday Label you'll know the brand naturally embodies that too. We aim to inspire all women to be the best version of themselves... to be soft hearted and strong minded. Celebrating others' successes doesn't mean our own won't come ~ there's enough sunshine for everyone. x

Thank you so much for your words and time Biddie!
To see more of her work head over to our website.
or pop over to Biddie’s website.

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