YAS QUEEN! Julia Gardener interview

YAS QUEEN! Julia Gardener interview

We are super excited to introduce you to Winie designer, Julia Gardener! Her whimsical, nature-inspired gems have been a true treasure find for many Winie owners, we hope you enjoy a little glimpse into Julia's head!
xxx Claire, Aimee, Maddie

MFP - In a few sentences, can you explain your work and what you do/make?
JG - Kia ora, I’m Julia the founder and maker behind WINIE, a brand proudly based in Aotearoa New Zealand. We’re best known for our one-of-a-kind jewellery that captures and preserves real flowers. A large part of what I create is bespoke - whether that’s making a pair of Winies to match a graduation dress, or using a Bride’s wedding bouquet to preserve and transform her flowers into something sentimental that can be cherished forever.

MFP - On International Women’s Day, what is the most important message you want to send out to other women thinking about their careers?
JG - It’s never going to be the right time. I had been making jewellery for a long time before I officially launched WINIE. I wanted everything to be ‘perfect’ first. However the pursuit of perfection was crippling. I'm grateful to my family who encouraged me to dive in and go for it, and I’ve haven't looked back. I’ve learnt that it is never going to be the right time to start/leave/stop in business or in life, and that it’s important to fight against the fear that holds us back. It’s a lot more exciting and rewarding to focus on improvement, rather than perfection. Besides, not even a flower is perfect!

MFP - Who is a female figure that you admire?
JG -I was introduced to Artemisia Gentileschi about two years ago. She was single mother, sexual assault survivor and a phenomenal artist born in 16th Century Rome. Artemisia had to fight against adversity, unequal pay, and society to pursue her career in art - and won. Talented, resilient and inspirational, a true feminist icon!

MFP - How important is it for women to lift each other up and what does that mean to you?
JG - It’s absolutely essential! There is room at the table for everyone, and its our responsibility to send out more invitations. As an individual we need to know our worth, as women we need to back each other up, and as people we collectively need to strive to be better.

Thank you so much for your words and time Julia!
To see more of her work head over to our website.
or pop over to Julia’s website.

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